Solar Spark® Technical Information:

Landfill Gas Vent Flares

Combustion Flarehead             

Patented double expansion gas/air mixing chamber.

Heavy carbon steel construction with high-wind carburetion profile.

Spark Pilot™ taps for extra low or normal gas flows and for optional redundant safety ignition system.

Flame Arrester

Inline stainless steel wire-gauze flame arrester.


96" (2.4 meters) inlet to top of flarehead

Transmission Pipes

Black Schedule 40 steel pipe     

CF-5 - 1 1/2" (38 mm) ID

CF-10 - 2" (50 mm) ID

Ball Valve       

Stainless steel inner trim & ball valve

Base Bushing

4" (10.1cm) male NPT threads bushing mated to the specific flange adapter required for local application

Shipping Weight         

75 lbs.(34 kg) - Model CF-5

83 lbs.(37.7 kg) - Model CF-10

Contact LSC Environmental Products, LLC to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to use one of our flares to eliminate foul odors and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) emanating from the landfill.