Solar Spark®: Frequently Asked Questions

 Q) How do I know if I have enough gas for the flare to work?

Visual observation of gas waves leaving the vent pipe appearing as "heat waves" against a light background normally indicates sufficient gas flow. It is possible to measure gas flows from landfill vents, but this is often difficult and expensive. Solar Spark Vent Flares are engineered to combust a full range from the lowest to highest flows typically associated with passive landfill vents.

 Q) What if it is cloudy or dark for several days?

The solar ignition system includes a battery that operates the flares for days in darkness. (14 days for 12 volt systems, 21 days for 6 volt systems)

 Q) Do I need a wind shield?

No. With normal gas flow rates, the patented double-expansion carbureting flarehead will not blow out in high winds. It provides stable combustion without a wind shield.

If you wish to hide the flame, LSC provides a stainless steel cylindrical visibility shield; and in some rare circumstances with very low flow rates, this may provide a useful wind shield effect.

 Q) How often should I replace the SparkPilot?

Under normal use, the SparkPilot will last at least one year or more before performance degrades due to electrode erosion or ceramics cracking. There is no need to replace the SparkPilot until it is actually necessary. Many users keep spares available to install, as required, during annual maintenance.

 Q) How high should the flame be from the ground?

Cap vent risers are normally cut off about 2 1/2 feet (75 cm) above ground. The 8 foot (2.4 meters) flare height gives a ground clearance of about 10 1/2 feet (3.2 meters) to the flame, which is normally satisfactory. Of course, horizontal and vertical clearance from flammable materials, plants, trees, etc. should be maintained. Vegetation may need to be trimmed and cleared to avoid fire hazard.

 Q) Are these flares accepted by regulatory agencies?

Solar Spark landfill gas vent flares have consistently been accepted by state regulatory agencies and United States EPA. See the "Regulatory Compliance" section on the "Technical Info" page.

Contact LSC Environmental Products, LLC to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to use one of our flares to eliminate foul odors and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) emanating from the landfill.