About LSC Environmental Products, LLC

Since 1990 LSC has set the industry standard for spray applied ADC and passive landfill gas vent flares. In the landfill industry our products save valuable landfill space, control odors and erosion, and address challenges related to the day-to-day management of leachate disposal and landfill gas. We have satisfied customers in commercial, municipal, and federally operated organizations, many who have been honored with excellence awards in their industries.

Our services extend beyond the needs of the solid waste landfill industry to the hazardous waste industry, where our products are being successfully used to control emissions of volatile organic compounds and odors associated with chemical disposal facilities. Many industrial facilities such as cement plants, and coal burning power plants are also using our products to control dust and erosion.

Our Mission
As a LSC Environmental Products customer, you will enjoy outstanding products and customer service. We know that the smooth and continuous operation of our products is critical to the success of your daily operations. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and assure you that we will respond immediately to your needs.

Our People
The quality of your experience as a customer is directly related to the quality of service delivered by our team members at all levels. From the management to theĀ  sales, administrative, and technical team, who are well-trained, qualified and motivated, you will receive a superior level of dedication and service.

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